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Control Panels

Control Panels

Hayes Industries provides custom control panels using the latest available technology in the automation industry. Close working relations with automation equipment manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Square D, and Spectrum Controls allow us to provide competitive costs and unparalleled support. All controls are thoroughly tested prior to leaving our facility. Field devices are simulated in order to provide the most effortless install and start up possible. Panels are UL certified, and the most current versions of CAD software in keeping with the latest industry standards.

Most spare parts are kept in inventory and are readily available. Devices such as PLCs, VFDs, photo eyes, and proximity switches can be sent anywhere in the country for next day delivery. If it is not in stock, we will arrange for factory drop shipments to get the end user back online. We are also stocking distributors for many control products such as Spectrum Controls, IDEC, and NR&Dand pass along the cost savings on spare or replacement parts.

Upgrade services are available in order to update older systems. This makes it cost effective to replace obsolete or difficult to obtain parts. DC drives and starter systems can be updated with AC VFDs which are more efficient and have an electrical operating cost savings. Aged PLC systems or relay controls can be difficult to troubleshoot, causing production downtime. New, readily available PLCs can be integrated using the same logic, or modified to meet the customer's needs, making troubleshooting and operation easier and more efficient.

If upgrade or replacement is not an option for cost or down time reasons, our repair facility can keep systems operating by repairing or exchanging PLCs. We specialize in Square D SYMAX, Allen Bradley PLC5, SLC; and Controllogix PLCs. These modules can be repaired in house. Fully tested in the appropriate rack with a customized test program, all processors and modules will be burned in prior to return to check for intermittent faults.If the lead time for a repair is not an acceptable option, our exchange pool offers most of these products, tested and ready to ship, same day.