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Garnett Cylinders & Reclothing

Garnett Cylinders

Hayes Industries is able to supply your facility with new manufactured cylinders from Feed Rolls to Main Cylinders, 3 inch diameter to 30 inch diameter and lengths from 36 inches to 96 inches. Cylinders are manufactured to tight tolerances from carbon DOM and are balanced at high speed. An assortment of new, used, and reconditioned cylinders in many popular sizes are stocked, ready to accept wire to your specifications.


We stock a wide range of metallic carding wire for your cylinder reclothing needs. Our staff will inspect your cylinders for cracks and/or damage and straighten all cylinder shafts to a maximum T.I.R. of .002”. Bearing surfaces are checked for tolerance and repaired as required. All cylinders are checked and balanced as needed.

Swap Program

Our Cylinder Swap Program allows customers to call in an order, have it shipped to their factory, then return their used cylinder to us. This reduces customer down time and eliminates the need to stock spare cylinders. When the new cylinder is installed, our customers simply return their wire damaged cylinder to us. Providing the cylinder wall thickness is adequate and shafts are in good shape, no additional charges will apply.