Non Woven Textile Machinery

Recycling & Shredding Equipment

In recent years in house Recycling has increased dramatically. No longer is it acceptable or profitable to send off-spec finished goods, edge trim, or other manufactured by-products to a landfill. Processing waste materials offsite is becoming less cost effective due to rising transportation costs. We must all do our part to ensure a better environment. To this end, Hayes Industries has invested considerable research and development resources to develop equipment, and in some cases, markets for your recycled fibers.

We manufacture Edge Trim Openers with Pneumatic Conveyors to recycle processed fiber back into the production line or to a baling operation. Also available are Fine Opening Systems for most processed fiber products including carpet waste. This process “re-fiberizes” the scrap material and includes “flag” removal equipment with Capacities ranging from 800-1600 pounds per hour. End products are suitable to be run in airlaid processes or can be metered back into existing card/garnett production lines at approximately 10-20% of total weight.