Non Woven Textile Machinery

Spare Parts

Hayes Industries can supply you with spare parts for nearly any type of Non-Wovens Textile Equipment. From standard parts like bearings, sprockets, and motors to custom made replacements for obsolete/unavailable parts, we’ve got you covered. Hayes Industries can supply you with new and used parts for machinery manufactured by Proctor & Schwartz, James Hunter, Davis & Furber, Fiber Controls, Wise Industries, and more. Our in-house fabrication and machine shop can fulfill your needs for hard to find and obsolete machinery parts.

The spare parts we offer include, but are not limited to bearings, sprocket, gears, sheaves, pulleys, bushings, clutches, motors, chain, belts, electrical components, pneumatic components, aprons, apron slats, apron rolls, beater pins, pin cylinders, wooden beater lags, comb blades, comb boxes, feed roll brackets, garnett cylinders, poppets, shrouds, metallic wire clothing, gages, lapper wheels, lapper shifter kits, slitter blades, conveyors, take-up brackets, etc.