Non Woven Textile Machinery

Fiber Opener

The Standard Duty Fiber Blender is available with a wire wound or pin style main cylinder. Standard working width is 36 inches, but other widths are available upon request. Machine is fed vertically but can be configured to discharge vertically or horizontally.


  • Opening of natural and synthetic fiber stock for pneumatic fiber stuffing applications, i.e. pillow blowing, boom filling, cushion filling etc.
  • Opening of natural and synthetic fiber stock in preparation for post processing by means of Carding, Garnetting, Airlaid Processing, Thermal Bonding, Spray Bonding, or Needle Punching.
  • Reintroducing scrap material back into the process line for increased savings and reduced waste.
  • Length: 43"
  • Width: 36" Nominal Working Width Standard (other widths available upon request)
  • Height: 58"
  • Weight: 36" Machine 3,000 lbs.
  • Voltage: 208-230/460V 3PH (standard) or As Required
  • Extremely Simple to Operate
  • Standard Duty Steel Construction
  • High Production Capacity
  • 16" Diameter Main Cylinder
  • Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Feed Rolls
  • Specifically Designed Around Widely Used Replacement Parts (easily sourced from most power transmission suppliers)
  • Independent Main Cylinder Motor
  • Independent Vari-Speed Feed Roll Motors
  • Electrically Interlocked Safety Guards with Zero-Speed Indication
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 36" Synthetic Fiber Opener: up to 1500 lbs. per hour
  • Capacities Fiber Dependent
  • Wire Wound, Pin, or Claw Tooth, Main Cylinders Available
  • Wire Wound or Fluted Feed Rolls Available
  • In-Feed Conveyor to suit application
  • 5, 7.5, or 10 HP Main Motors Available
  • Vari-Speed Fancy & Worker/Stripper Drives
  • Clear-View Lexan Cylinder Covers
Fiber Opener

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